5th Sunday Forsyth

5th Sunday Forsyth:   A worship service centered in Jesus and His unity for the churches of Forsyth County


What is 5th Sunday Forsyth: It’s the coming together of churches of Forsyth County to praise and worship in unity of Jesus Christ. These services will be on the 5th Sundays at 7 pm and rotates to various churches.  It’s been said that there are probably many things that we don’t agree as families and society, but the commonality that bridges us together in the church is Jesus Christ and His love and the belief in the essentials of Christianity.  These services build on His love and consist of combined Praise and Worship teams from the various churches and the sharing of a brief message from the host pastors.

What should I bring?  Just bring your open heart and your willingness to receive a word centered in the unity of Jesus.

How can you help?  Please pray for unity to grow in our churches and throughout Forsyth County.