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Update May 2, 2020

During this time, many of you continue to desire to Branch Out and support our local community and we would like to suggest 2 impactful ways to do so right now:


Let’s bless and show our appreciation for the  Northside Forsyth Hospital staff with meals for those who are working so hard for us all. If your family, Life Group, Bible study, and/or other group would like to serve and support in this way, here are some detailed directions on how…

1. Determine # people you or your group will provide meals for (Any number small to large is fine)

2. Decide on lunch (11:30am) or dinner (8:30pm).  NOTE: Lunch can be accepted Monday-Friday and on some weekends; Dinner is requested on only Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

3. Select a restaurant

4. Decide on what meals to provide and either boxed individual meals or buffet (either is fine). NOTE: they request no pizza or barbecue

5. Select 2 or 3 dates that will work for you (you or the restaurant will be delivering to the hospital entrance). The hospital needs some choice on dates.

6. Text or email Mary Smith at Northside Forsyth (she prefers text): 404-542-6471 or Please use this format and info for your text or email:

“This is (your name) from The Vine Community Church. We would like to provide (indicate lunch or dinner) on (give 2-3 dates) for (# of people) from (name and phone number of restaurant). Please let me know what date, time, and entrance you would like the delivery. Thank you.”

7. Once you hear from Mary Smith, you can make payment to and arrangements with the restaurant to deliver the meals or someone from your group can pick up the meals from the restaurant and deliver to the hospital on the agreed-upon date and time. You will not need to enter the hospital; someone will step outside to meet you.

8. If you would like to include an encouraging note card for the department or multiple cards for the staff, feel free to do so.   Please note “The Vine” on the card (you may also add your name if you wish).  You can deliver the card(s) with the meals.

9. Email once you know the details regarding the meals/cards your group sent to the hospital.

10. Rejoice with your group for this opportunity to love our community!


Provide The Place of Forsyth with food and pantry donations. The Place is currently supporting record number of Forsyth county residents with basic needs and they could use our help to resupply them. Please visit their website for more details You can drop items off at The Place or in the bin outside The Vine.

Update April 28, 2020

In preparation for the National Day of Prayer on Thursday, May 7 we’d like to offer you a downloadable 8-day devotional study. We believe this will aid in increasing our prayer time, and we hope to see the advancement of His kingdom. Also, we’d like to use this as a way to encourage Vine families to pray together.

Would you and your family join us in prayer, either by using this prayer guide or during your current family devotion time, from Thursday, April 30 through Thursday, May 7?

Download Prayer Guide

Update April 16, 2020

Family Promise continues to house homeless families during COVID-19 and they have new volunteer needs that have come up. Click here to view the Signup Genius for those.

Most of the needs are driving and possibly some overnights. There are also a few for Saturdays to allow folks to hang out at the house rather than having to go to the day center. The Vine is currently scheduled to host the families at the church or, if necessary, at their current home during the week of May 17th.

The Place has been serving the Forsyth County area for 25 years and they have been super busy as of late. For the past two weeks they have been distributing food via a drive-thru in front of their thrift store. Here’s some stats on how they’ve helped support our community.

  • 784 households (unduplicated) or 2533 individuals (unduplicated) have received 2760 food bags. This week alone 1980 meals were distributed.
  • 1423 – bags of staple items
  • 1237 – bags of kid friendly items
  • 100 – bags delivered to seniors
  • 232 First-time Households: Everyday more first time pantry guests come seeking food.
  • 64 – from 3/16 to 3/21
  • 57 – from 3/23 to 3/26
  • 53 – from 3/30 to 4/4
  • 58 – from 4/6 – 4/10
  • Over 60 Financial Assistance Requests due to COVID-19: The majority of these request are due to a reduction in work hours or loss of employment. Over $16,000 of financial assistance has already been distributed 92% for housing assistance.

For more information on how to get involved, please visit their website at

Update April 4, 2020

Your pastors are seeking to get more time with you around the Word of God, especially through these difficult days and as we prepare for Easter Sunday.

Each day next week, starting on Monday, April 6, 2020 from 9-9:30 am, I will be leading a devotional using this Prayer Guide provided by our denomination, the P.C.A.

We will start with Day 1 on Monday, April 6, Day 2 on Tuesday, April 7, etc.

I will lead a conversation around these different attributes of God for 15 minutes and then we will pray for about 15 minutes.

Download Prayer Guide

We are going to use Zoom and you can join me at

Monday, April 6-Friday through April 10
from 9-9:30 am
Join Zoom Meeting @

Password: 555525

Update March 30, 2020

Needs in Forsyth County During the COVID-19 Outbreak
Many in our community and some in our Vine Family need jobs, money, groceries, and help with errands and prescription pickup. Please reach out to Tim Barton at if you have any needs which our congregation can meet.

For those of you who are looking for ways to serve during this time and have the means to do so, consider giving your support to one of these 2 partner ministries in our community:

1. The Place of Forsyth: Needed items include cereal and breakfast items, boxed milk and juices, Ensure and Boost drinks, spaghetti sauce and pasta, canned soup and meat. See the full list @ This help is desperately needed as their supplies are low. Right now sheriff’s deputies are making deliveries, but if you want to sign up as a driver let Susie Kennedy know @ Drop off pantry items in the labeled box outside the front door at The Vine or at The Place (2550 The Place Circle, Cumming, GA 30040). You can also donate cash to The Place for their emergency response fund at the link above or shop on Amazon on The Place’s direct shopping list at this link.

*To assist with needs at The Place and for our own church family you can drop off pantry items at The Vine in the outside collection bin at the front door starting today. These items will be used for distribution to those in our church family or to these partner ministries in our area which need it the most.

2. Family Promise Cooks and Volunteers: Cooked meals are needed at the temporary residence of our Family Promise families. If you would like to help with this, contact Tina Huck at You can donate to Family Promise directly at this link on their site and you could shop for their registry items at Walmart by going to this link. In addition to these opportunities, their recent graduate families are in precarious financial situations and you can donate to these neighbors by going to the graduate family donation link here.
Also, you can donate blood which is critically needed by going to and booking an appointment to a donation site near you.

We know a good number of you are making efforts to care for those in your neighborhoods. Please continue to do so. We wanted to make these opportunities known for those who are wondering how to help and if their help is even needed at this time.

Also, you can donate blood which is critically needed by going to and booking an appointment to a donation site near you.

We know a good number of you are making efforts to care for those in your neighborhoods. Please continue to do so. We wanted to make these opportunities known for those who are wondering how to help and if their help is even needed at this time.