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Through Branching Out, we want to see our church body in fellowship with one another and our community while we serve.  As we do this, we are praying to God to increasingly open our eyes and hearts to His call to love our community.

Due to COVID-19, we won’t be packing out the school backpacks this year for Tools for School. However, The Place will be accepting donations to help purchase the school supplies and backpacks needed.

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Making Masks

Calling saints who sew: We would like to Branch Out and help the county schools via The Place’s Tools for Schools event by sewing cloth face masks so they will be available as backpacks are distributed for school this fall.

If you would like to help, please do the following:

1- Select a pattern and fabric of your choice (many patterns and instructions are available on the web and You Tube). The more cotton content the better for breathability.  Pick designs that students would like.  We are looking to do 2 sizes: Small (ages 5-11) and Regular (ages 12-18)

2- Pre-wash your fabric in warm or hot water and laundry detergent.

3- Perform hand hygiene before cutting and sewing

4- Launder masks in warm or hot water and detergent after they are completed

5- Place completed, laundered masks in a new clear plastic bag. (No need for 1 bag per mask; numerous masks can be placed in a bag.)

6- Drop off at the church between 9:00-5:00 each Thursday through July 9th

Questions or need a pattern?  Contact Gail Klein at writingail@gmail.com or 770-855-9325.

Many of our neighbors are struggling with hunger more than ever. The Place is serving over 400 hardworking families and struggling seniors during this COVID-19 season.

Would you be willing to help?

If you are able to pick up a few extra items for The Place each week during your regular shopping time, it would be greatly appreciated. As a church family, we can make a huge impact!

We have included a current list of the most needed food items, and divided this list based on last names. The donation box is located at the front door of The Vine or you can drop donations directly at The Place.

A-B   Gatorade

C-D   Shelf stable milk/box milk or Ramen noodles

E-G  Taco Shells and Seasoning

H-J   Cream of Mushroom soup/Baked Beans

K-L   Hamburger Helper

M      Juice Boxes

N-Q   Suddenly Pasta Salad or similar item

R-S   Individual Canned Pasta (7.5 ounce)

T-U    Paper Plates or napkins

V-Z    Cereal (any variety)

Got Questions? Visit https://www.theplaceofforsyth.org or email Jordie Rajala at Jordierajala@gmail.com

We are thankful for you and your support! The World has changed but our mission remains: Flourish in God’s Grace, Bearing Fruit in our Community!

Family Promise, one of The Vine’s ministry partners, serves families who are experiencing homelessness.

As the COVID-19 situation continues, the Family Promise families are being temporarily housed in a residence instead of staying in local churches. As many of you already know, we have been dropping off supplies and food on Sundays to help but now we are starting to request volunteers to minister to the families while at a private residence instead of at the church.

We are trying to work with the new guidelines for Family Promise weeks for host churches in Forsyth County. Primarily this will mean that we at The Vine will be looking for volunteers to do three things:

1) Contribute money towards groceries (and takeout) for the week. We already have almost $150 for this, and many of the slots on the signup are filled. Thank you!! This money will be used for breakfasts, lunches and takeout.

2) Cook dinners and bring them throughout the week, and hopefully visit with the families for a little while. (It is understandable if you cannot do the latter due to the Coronavirus outbreak). I’ve edited the signup genius slots to add this need.

3) Spend the night at the house where the families are temporarily staying in order to give support and security (IF you have training, and if you feel that you can do this with masks and accepting the health risk it may pose being with other households – in other words, this would be a task for trained people who are not in an at-risk group for Covid.)

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