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Life Groups

Life Groups serve as an extension of The Vine, providing participants opportunity and accountability alongside our church family to flourish in His grace, bearing fruit in our community.

To do so, each group together pursues the 3 Loves mission of our church. Loving God, Loving Each Other and Loving the Community.

A Life Group that is flourishing will pursue:

Being Together – We fellowship with one another, walking through life together and caring for the needs of our group members.

Studying Together – We want to learn to know and apply God’s Word. Each group will study the Bible, and materials that apply biblical truth. This equips us to know God intimately, to flourish in His grace, and enhances our fellowship.

Praying Together – We pray with and for one another because we care, and we develop care for one another because we pray. Prayer reminds us of our dependence on God to advance the gospel in our lives, families, community and world.

Serving Together – We serve together because it helps us encourage one another to be engaged in the community in demonstration and proclamation of the good news of Jesus.

For more information about Life Groups, please email lifegroups@thevinecc.com

#1 Link Life Group

Leader: Josh and Christy Link

Meets: Every Monday at 7pm

Location: Tanju Home

Stage of Life: Familes with young


Childcare – Yes, paid for by Group Members

#2 McGilberry Life Group

Leader: Brent & Kathy McGilberry

Meets: Three Fridays a month

Location: Rotating Homes

Stage of Life: Families with

Elementary/MS children

Childcare – Not organized

#3 Pfaller Life Group

Leader: Mark and Kim Pfaller

Meets: Every Thursday at 7pm

Location: Pfaller Home

Stage of Life: Couples with HS/MS


Childcare – No

#4 Smith Life Group

Leader: Michael and Debbie Smith

Meets: Every Sunday at 5:30 pm

Location: The Vine

Stage of Life: HS/MS students

Childcare – No

#5 Allen Life Group

Leader: Kevin and Ruth Allen

Meets: Every Thursday at 7 pm

Location: Allen Home

Stage of Life: Couples with no children

#6 Flegge Life Group

Leader: Adam and Allison Flegge

Meets: 1st & 3rd Thursday 7:00 PM

Location: Rotating Homes

Stage of Life: Young couples

#7 Men’s Life Group

Leader: Norm Johnson

Meets: Every Monday Night at 7 pm

Location: The Vine

Stage of Life: All men

#8 Landon Life Group

Leader: Greg and Laurie Landon

Meets: Every Sunday at 10:30am

Location: Baskam Home

Stage of Life: Empty Nesters

#9 Career Connections

Meets: Every Thursday at 7:30 pm

Location: Rotating Homes

Stage of Life: Post-college with