Plan for Reopen of Children’s Ministry at The Vine            

Dear Vine Families,

We miss you very much! We understand that some of you are not ready to return due to different circumstances you find yourselves in or views you may hold, so please let us know if there are further ways we can support you in helping your children flourish in God’s grace until circumstances allow you to return.

Understanding some will not be ready, we also want to again provide the opportunity for the children to be in person learning God’s Word, learning to pray with others, learning to worship together as children, and learning to put others first by serving one another.

Therefore, we have put together a plan for reopening our Children’s Ministry on Sunday, September 13th. As always, we will continue to offer weekly lessons, videos, and resources on our website for Toddler to 5th Grade if your child is unable to attend in person for any reason.

For those who are ready to return, you will find the details you need to know below.

We will offer Children’s Ministry for Infant to 5th Grade at the 10:45 service only.

Pre-Registration Required      

This will enable us to pre-print nametags for expedited check in and limited touching of tablets and check in printers.

-       Sign ups will be stopped on the preceding Thursday @ 11:59pm.

-       If we do not have enough volunteers, we will prioritize opening rooms from youngest to oldest kids. We will do our best to communicate this to the affected families by Saturday evening.

-       Under the current circumstances of Covid, the wellness policy will be strictly enforced. You can find this policy on the website. One example: if your child has a runny nose or bad cough, they will not be able to attend. While you may ‘know’ it is allergies, we will have no way to verify on site and will need to enforce this precaution.


When elementary and younger enter the building, no masks will be required if they are going to the Children’s areas. Parents will be expected to wear masks.

-       We will have a pub table at the double doors to the children’s area with two people (wearing masks) checking kid’s temperatures. If a child’s temp reads 100.4, the child will not be allowed to attend children’s ministry that day.

-       Parents will get preprinted name tags posted to the windows in the upstairs check in area in alphabetical order. This will help with traffic flow and keep the process quick and moving.

-       We will have one volunteer with an iPad to check in visitors.

-       Infant – 2yr old (Kids Vineyard) Parents will drop off children in 2 designated rooms in hallway upstairs. We will utilize the 2 biggest rooms for air flow and spacing.

-       3 – 5yr olds (Kids Vineyard) will be in Auditorium B for air flow and spacing. -       Elementary (Vine Kids) Parents will drop off in Youth Auditorium downstairs. Kids who are old enough will be sent down without parents to the base of the stairs where they will be met by Sara or a volunteer. This will limit traffic flow in the stairwell.


-       Volunteers will have the choice to wear mask or not

-       Volunteers will all have temperature scans upon arrival

-       Social distancing will not be feasible for children and volunteers who take part in ministry. ·      We are using largest rooms available in Kids Vineyard per above.

·      We will use Youth Auditorium and Outside for Vine Kids.

-       Playground will remain closed at this time, but we will continue to evaluate.

Pick Up

-       Ages Toddler to 2 pick-up in designated classrooms

-       Ages 3-5 pick-up in Auditorium B by entering through Auditorium A

-       Elementary families will pick up in amphitheater outside the basement or in Youth Auditorium in the event of rain.

Online Options

We want to continue to equip and support families who believe it is best to make use of our online resources at this time:

-       Both Kids’ Vineyard and Vine Kids are now using Gospel Project. This is a gospel-centered walk through the Bible demonstrating how all of the Bible points to mankind’s hopelessness and need for a savior then shows the unfolding plan of redemption [how Jesus is the only hope for us as He is making all things new].

-       We have options available online for families to do these lessons, activities, and accompanying videos.

Click here to view Lessons for Kid's Vineyard (PreK)

Click here to view Lessons for Vine Kids (Kindergarten - 5th grade)

-       We will also encourage those of you who are not ready to return in-person services to use the online services as opportunity to teach their children how to worship. If you would like to talk about this further, please contact Tim Barton, Pastor of Family Ministries.