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Welcome to The Vine Community Church. We are a Christ-centered, relational church whose vision is to help our congregation become a Wildfire of Grace that ignites other fires in our community, North Georgia, and beyond. To accomplish this vision, we believe we are called as a church to fully engage people in the 3 Loves:

1) Loving God through continuous worship

2) Loving each other through small groups

3) Loving our community through serving

The Vine desires to see local churches connect as we participate together in a demonstration of God’s great love and grace in our community. We join together to solve local problems like foster care and adoption needs. We tutor at-risk children and minister to the need and brokenness of people dealing with homelessness, addiction, hunger and any other needs identified by our community leaders.

Ultimately, we are committed to help our congregation grow in our understanding of God’s grace and to faithfully ask the Lord to open our eyes and hearts to His concerns, so we may serve in the unique ways we have been created where we live, educate, work and play. In all that we do, we hunger for more of Christ. After all, He said, “apart from me, you can do nothing.” If you share this hunger and desire to enjoy Christ and life more, to cultivate real and robust relationships, and to be empowered by His Spirit to engage in your giftedness and calling, you’ve found the right place.