Vision for Youth and Children’s Center


We desire to see our Children and Youth growing and taking their next step in becoming a Wildfire of Grace. We believe this is vital as we walk beside them helping them see that knowing Jesus far surpasses anything this world has to offer.  To do this well, we need to have dedicated space for our Youth (MS and HS) that they can call their own.  This dedicated auditorium will be set up with our Youth in mind, and will have an adjacent room for hang out opportunity for the youth.


This new space will also provide dedicated space for our Vine Kids (K-5th Grade) on Sunday morning.  This space will greatly enhance our ability to spend focused time with each grade in a classroom space dedicated for them.  It is our heart that our elementary children have intentional discipleship on Sunday mornings that encourages them to take the next step in becoming a Wildfire of Grace.  These rooms will allow for better focused efforts in intentional study of God’s Word, prayer, and activities designed for each age group.


Usage By Times:

Sunday Morning Usage for Vine Kids

  • Dedicated Secure Area for our Elementary Kids
  • Large Group in Youth Room (Intregal to our Mission of Teaching Children to Worship with all ages and encouraging the Older -4th and 5th grade- to mentor and encourage the younger)
  • Breakouts into the individual classrooms for Intentional Discipleship mentioned above.
  • This will also make one Auditorium available for Adult Equipping at 10:45 Service
  • MS Boys and Girls will still meet on Alternating weeks in either Conference Room or Auditorium B. It is our belief and passion that MS students should be in our Corporate Service and Intentional Teaching to their level on a rotating basis. Both are important in their lives at the MS stage.

Sunday and Wednesday Nights

  • Dedicated Space for Our Youth Large Groups
  • More classroom space for our MS and HS D-groups (which currently meet in random spaces)
  • This also allows for more Life Group and Study Group Space on Sunday and Wednesday evenings upstairs


  • Space for Age and Stage Gatherings
  • Potential Office Space for Staff and Lead volunteers