Vijiji Update December 2018

/Vijiji Update December 2018

Vijiji Update December 2018

Vijiji Home of Light

On December 2nd, Libby Dixon led us through a successful Vijiji Home of Light luncheon where she discussed the many things we are able to celebrate from this past year at the Home of Light and the many things we have to look forward to in the upcoming year. One common theme throughout the meeting was God’s faithfulness in being such a powerful provider and how He knows, sees, and cares for His orphans. The orphanage is currently holding more children in their home than ever before. They have 38 of the 40 beds in the home occupied. We are praising God that he provided all of the funds this year to care for these children and their daily needs. We are thankful that Sarah Johnson has come on board as an official director to help with the social work portion of running the orphanage and being an advocate for each child in making sure they are cared for properly.

This year we have seen the orphanage gain water access from the well that was installed. Not only did He provide enough water, but more than enough to where this has the potential to become an income for the home. We are also celebrating the roof being waterproofed to stop the leaks and provide a dry and healthy environment for the children. One huge praise is that they now have a fence surrounding the property. Not only does this bring a new sense of safety and security for the children but it also provides an array of new possibilities from play environments to obtaining cattle to even having a garden. Please be in prayer for wisdom on how to best use this land. Lastly, we are thanking God that the power company has finally come out and finished the work they started two years ago. This is a huge praise and exciting in that it is another step towards opening the computer lab that will not only be a learning center for the community but also provide a self-sustaining income for them.

As always, we ask God to continue to provide for Vijiji Home of Light not only in their daily needs but beyond so that they may be able to help those that are aging out of the orphanage as well as continue to provide a flourishing environment for the children. Thank you for your support, prayers, and love for these children. May God bless you in your giving this year and provide a heart that overflows with love for these children.


Alyson Young

P.S. – Please stop by the sponsorship display that is in Vine Community Church’s Welcome Area to fill out your 2019 sponsorship commitment and grab an updated prayer card and visit their Facebook page

Sponsorship checks can be mailed to:

Vijiji Projects USA, Inc.

P.O. Box 2929

Dallas, GA 30132

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