Vijiji Update July 2019

/Vijiji Update July 2019

Vijiji Update July 2019

Home of Light

Dear Vine Family,

We wanted to provide you with another update about the Vijiji Home of Light in Africa.

Things to celebrate: Garden, Well, 200 trees (giving by local community), fence, solar power, roof (no leaks). Thrift Store opened.

Next Projects to complete – Vocational School Computer Lab, and welding class. Drip lines.

Unfortunately, a drought has caused a 25% increase in costs this year. The Home was behind by $9000. Thanks to your support they are behind by $4500. When Libby was there the area was out of broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage. Most produce was tiny or unhealthy. The drought and famine has caused many of these items to be really expensive or unavailable. If you would consider making a donation, you may drop these supplies off in the church office (all can be generic):

Flonase nasal spray
Allegra 180
Omeprazole 20mg
Excedrin (migraine)
Women and men’s vitamins
Mucinex/cold meds
Band aids (fabric)
Athletes foot cream (cloitrimazole)
Office/School supplies
Bible study books (gently used)
VBS art/craft supplies & ideas
Coloring books
Hotel size soap bars
Flip flops (new)
Heavy duty Garbage bags (size 13gal/33 gal)
Peanut butter (any size/kind)
Squeeze jelly any flavor

Also, here’s another letter for us from the Executive Director:

Hi again and how is the going over there? On this end we are okay just going about the usual. As I mentioned in my earlier mail through the price changes, the same has trickled down to personal day to day expenses. The rents for the places we leave have tried to maintain the rates but unfortunately have had to take it slightly upwards. The cost of fuel has also gone up making it expensive to move to and from Vijiji by public means as well as with the van. Our grocery supplies have also gone up drastically over the past few months making it very difficult to make some purchases of some basic supplies.  It breaks my heart to pour this out to you all on that side but they say a problem shared is half solved. The electricity costs as well have gone up together with water supply. We are pushing hard to keep everything balanced and moving forward with the mission. The cost of staying connected on the net is also on the rise, oh my I can’t seem to stop complaining about how bad things are looking on this end. So so grateful for all your generous support and love. Without you we would not be anywhere near where we currently are and we pray for you all the time.

God bless you all!

John Mwasi

Executive Director of Vijiji Home of Light

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