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/Vijiji Update June 2019

Vijiji Update June 2019

Home of Light

Dear Vine Family,

How are you all doing on that end? I trust that you are all doing great. On this side we are well and thank God for all His mercies. We are halfway through the year already, how time flies. This is just a little update on what is going on at Vijiji Home of Light.

God continues to perform miracles every day and by His Grace and your great support Vijiji is running. It has been a great year so far despite a number of setbacks and unfortunate events but that is how life is designed, ups and downs. As mentioned in the previous update the year took off on a great start seeing pretty much all the needs covered including the children’s school fees paid in full for the first term. The children continue to do their best in school and help out as much as they can while at the home. They have been getting their daily dose of spiritual nourishment every morning before starting their day and have been getting their weekly one at church every Sunday.

The long rains this year didn’t come as expected which has brought about an increased shortage of food since last year and early this year the entire country has experienced a major draught. This translated to a spike in food prices which has made many a family go without meals or forced to skip some of their meals. At Vijiji we have been blessed enough not to lack any meals. We are however running low on supplies since the shilling isn’t spreading as long as it used to given the significant increase in food prices.

This term also started off on a low note for we were not able to meet the full school fees for the children and are currently trying to get more time from the schools to allow us raise the balances owed. We had one of the children, Lillian fall and break a bone on her elbow which sent her to the ER and had to get admitted. She had to undergo surgery to put a rod to help it recover. She then had to go back to have it removed after she healed. We managed to get the government to settle part of the bill but were left with a hefty chunk to settle which is still owed but we pray that we can.

The children’s office has been putting pressure on us to have the repairs on the build sorted out. This has been going on for a while now and we have been buying time. I hope that we can manage to get the basic part of it done to show them that we are doing it.

Mum Sarah has not been keeping well since May but is getting medication and improving thank God. She still needs a lot of care and prayers as she regains her health back. Her birthday was last week!

On a bright note, Libby Dixon was around in May and she brought with her all your love. We totally enjoyed her while she was here and managed to get some projects on course. While Libby was here we set up the Thrift store and wired the computer lab. We managed to do a name search for the vocational training institute. We are yet to have it officially registered and get accreditation. Although the Thrift store hasn’t become popular yet it has drawn in many interested people from the community. We are positive that it will draw in many people given its strategic location. We have started off by opening twice a week as we get word out and see if we can have the shop opened every day depending on the flow of the interested shoppers.

To help with the food budget and diet for the children it would be great to have our own kitchen garden that would provide some of the food for the children. This would be possible if we could pipe the water to the open field within the property and have drip lines running. Unfortunately this comes with a cost on it which leaves in the planning phase for future developments.

Generally the children are keeping well and are happy. The staff still have their requests for a salary increment but we are asking them to be patient until the situation improves. One of the staff who happens to be the longest serving house Mother has expressed that she would like to retire at the end of the year given her advancing age. She had requested that we help her with the construction of a small home in her home town but we have not been in a position to help her out. She had mentioned that she wouldn’t mind paying back the money for the construction from deducting her salary till she clears the loan before she retires. This might not be possible at the moment but let’s keep praying for a solution that will be best for her and for Vijiji.

Prayer requests:

1)      Continued good health for the children

2)      Full recovery for Mum Sarah

3)      Vijiji staff to have more patience and continue loving and caring for the children

4)      Meeting the budget

5)      Kitchen garden piping and drip lines

6)      More customers into the thrift store

7)      For the van to keep running

8)      Understanding, patience and tolerance from the schools and hospitals for money owed

9)      Thanksgiving

We continue to thank you for all that you sacrifice for Vijiji, without your generous support Vijiji Home of Light would have closed its doors a long time ago. God bless the entire Vine community in big ways.

In Christ,

John Mwasi

Executive Director of Vijiji Home of Light

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