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$25 includes the all day event and lunch on March 2.

Register soon! Spaces are limited to 7 in each class. After the 7 spots are filled the class will be closed.

Read the description for each topic and choose 2 to attend for the day —

One in the morning session and one in the afternoon session.

Facilitated by Debbie Smith

Many people think that setting boundaries simply means saying no. That’s not entirely the case. Learn exactly what boundaries are and find out how to experience the freedom that comes from taking responsibility for ONLY the things God has called you to be steward of.

Facilitated by Tori Muffley

In this era of social media, text, or email as the primary methods of communication, isn’t it exciting to open the mailbox and see your name hand written on an envelope from someone you love? You can experience this intimate and personalized communication with our heavenly Father as well! Even better, He desires to speak directly to your heart. In this session, you will learn a simple method for daily study of the Scriptures that will help you understand what this intimate relationship with God can look like.

Facilitated by Jennifer Risley

Complaining, comparing, and obsessing are all forms of coveting that rob us of peace, contentment, and freedom. Learn how to put your focus back on Jesus and experience the freedom that comes from truly believing that God is good in every way.

Facilitated by Jordie Rajala

Christ can break the bonds of generational sin. A dysfunctional childhood is not the end of your story. Learn how Christ’s love can set you free from the chains of your upbringing so that you can live a healthy life serving Him and loving others.

Facilitated by Casey Callahan

Are you happy with what you see when you look in the mirror? If your answer is no, consider this: do you see yourself the way God sees you? If we look for our identity in who He created us to be, we will understand ourselves as daughters of the King. Come learn the answer to having a great body image. Hint: it is not the perfect, personalized workout or nutrition plan.


Facilitated by Libby Martore

A genuine disciple can walk freely in Christ and understand what true grace means. Join other ladies as we explore how studying the Word and applying theological teachings to our lives can give us the freedom to walk through life being sure of God’s grace.

Facilitated by Julie Carter

Grief is not limited to those who have experienced death. Through this discussion, you will come to understand how and why we grieve, and you will learn some tools necessary to not only identify your own areas of grief, but also how to give those to our Father for true healing.

Facilitated by Gail Klein
Even in the best work environments and the most engaging jobs,  deadlines, stressed-out bosses, co-workers’ various personalities, tough assignments, too much to do, or difficult-to-resolve-problems can result in unhealthy stress.  Unlike healthy stress, which gives a quick boost of adrenaline to power through a challenge or the motivation to complete an assignment, unhealthy stress can cause disrupted sleep patterns, nervousness, shortened attention span, anxiety, self-doubt, or dis-satisfaction with work and life.  God has a better way for His children to flourish at work.

Facilitated by Alyson Young

We know God has called us to go make disciples, but that seems like a scary task, one many do not feel equipped to do. Most of us, however, love to hang out with people and have others in our homes for coffee or a meal. What if evangelism really is as simple as pizzas and game night? In this session, learn how to share Christ by loving others through your hospitality.

Facilitated by Peggy Phipps

Left is right. Back is front. In is out. This is what it feels like to live in our world sometimes. We are all bombarded with “upside down” thinking. Learn to focus on the truth of God’s word and practice thinking “right side up.”

Facilitated by Linda Goodman

Has your life turned out the way you planned? If you’re like most of us, the answer is no, and that’s ok! God has brought you on your own unique journey to make you who He wants you to be. Learn to accept and value who you are and discover how to live your best life no matter what season you are currently experiencing.

Facilitated by Karen Roberts

God will never leave us or forsake. We know that’s what the Bible says, but do we really believe it? It’s easy to believe that God is with us when things are going well, but what about the times when things go wrong? Join Karen for an examination of some of the Psalms and learn about perpetually abiding in God’s presence. 

Faciliated by Pat Little

How do we depend on God during the hardest times? What are the reminders of His faithfulness? Listen to a testimony of finding God in the midst of tragedy while learning that God has and will use life’s challenges for His glory.

Facilitated by Liz Anne Adams

Out of the overflow of our heart the mouth speaks – Matt 12:34. The consequences of our careless words are eternal.  We will have to give an account of every careless word (Matt 12:36). Let’s explore how by His grace we can begin to take every word captive.