Our vision at The Vine is to flourish in His grace, bearing fruit in our community and beyond. We are broken and hurting, and we live in a world that is broken, hurting and without hope due to sin.  In the midst of this brokenness, we find hope as we abide in Jesus, who is making all things new.  It is this Jesus who brings hope to a lost world and to us.  Jesus enables us to flourish in His grace and causes us to bear fruit.  This fruit is displayed in a life of purpose that pursues and impacts others to advance God’s kingdom. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to fully engage people in the 3 Loves. Loving God, Loving Each Other, Loving The Community.

Loving God

through worship changes us


Loving Each Other

through groups changes our church community

Loving the Community

through serving and proclaiming Him changes the culture

Loving God through worship changes us

Corporate worship centers our hearts and minds on Jesus while continuous worship involves doing the same by constantly preaching the gospel to ourselves.  Accomplishing this is like a three-step dance.  We must first die to all the “self-focuses” like self-righteousness, self-interest, and self-promotion. As we die to these things, we learn to live in our identity as God’s adopted child. We then continue to grow in our understanding that Jesus is Better than anything this world offers in every area of our lives. This will lead us to live in loving obedience.  Put another way we must repent, believe, and obey.

The Bible is God’s gift to His children. Taking time to read, study and memorize it helps us to know Him and His plans for us.  His Spirit enables our hearts and minds to believe the gospel and to exalt Christ in every corner of our lives.  God, through His Word, makes us fully grown that we might make Him fully known. 

Abiding in Christ is a constant, conscious connection with God, and the key to abiding is prayer.  It is the fuel for all that happens in our church.  Our desire is to create a culture of prayer fostering a consistent and deepening dialogue with God. The secret to living in the light of Jesus’ love is rooted in abiding in Christ. 

Loving Each Other through groups changes our church community

Groups give us a sense of community and closeness as well as a sense of belonging.   This unique sense of community and closeness is a result of living in the Light of Jesus’ love. 

The primary means by which we build community and do life together is through our Life groups.  Each Life group serves as an extension of The Vine charged with living out the Three Loves.  Therefore, we consistently pursue growth in the gospel through intentional study, authentic fellowship, prayer, and sharing together in ministry to our community.  Christ centered living is not done alone.

As we make a commitment to the body of Christ, we join a family of believers who accept biblical responsibility to know one another, pray for one another, and care for one another in good times and bad. We accept the privilege of this commitment because of His love for us. 

Loving our community through serving and proclaiming Him changes the culture

Living in the light of Jesus’ love compels us to use our unique God given gifts to live a life of purpose that serves those around us. Grace is unusual and attractive in today’s culture. For this reason, we join together with other churches, and fellow followers of Jesus, to solve local problems and to boldly proclaim His love to all people bringing hope to the poor, disadvantaged and suffering.

As we serve where we live, educate, work and play, we are “On Mission” and we trust God’s presence to be with us wherever, whenever, and with whomever He leads us to advance His kingdom. As we live in response to God’s grace and share the gospel with others locally and globally, we will see the Light of Jesus change the culture.

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