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Jon Adams

Tim Barton

Mark Pugh

Jordan Crossland

Andrew Collins

Youth Ministry Team Leader

Beth Williams

Sara Craft

Ioli Airy

Tiffany Newman

Julie Carter


Our Elders are responsible for the health and oversight of The Vine.  God has deputized them with the responsibilities to know, feed, care for and protect His people.  Each elder is called to find his strength and encouragement by constantly centering his heart on the Gospel of Jesus.  He has given the elder prayer and ministry of the Word of God as primary means to apply the gospel.  An elder is, first and foremost, a servant-leader in our midst.  As Christ came to serve and not be served, our elders should model and lead our body with that same heart and attitude.

Todd Armistead

Brad Armstrong

Eric Arps

Glen Beasley

Steve Dabbs

David Foote

Norm Johnson

Rod Pettus

Mark Pfaller

Mark Pugh

Tim Roberts


Michael Smith

Stuart Williams

Garrison Young

Elders in Glory

Chuck Airy

Elders Emeritus

Joe Byrd


The Deacon Ministry Team serves, supports, and implements the spiritual direction and operational budgets as set forth and approved by the Elder Ministry Team.

The Deacon Ministry team organizations and Deacon/Deaconess positions are:

Deacon Chair:  Dave Bond

  • Oversees the Deacon Ministry Team.

Deacon of Finance – Bob Upchurch

  • Schedules and runs Finance team meetings and helps audit financial processes and budgets.

Deacon/Deaconesses of Congregation Care – David Stroud, Sandi Byrd, Reva Ziomek

  • Provides care and counseling to church regular attenders and members.
  • Oversees benevolence and meals ministry teams.

Deaconess of Human Resources – Gail Klein

  • Helps with performance reviews, salary studies, team builders, conferences and miscellaneous Human Resources work.

Deacon of Property – Brent McGilberry

  • Supports and oversees Building, Grounds, and Handyman teams.