As a part of our partnership with Family Promise, we are committed to hosting families in our church building four times per year. These families are known and have been appropriately screened. They just need support from us, the local church, and some time to work through training and resourcing plans to get themselves back on their feet. Please see below for how you can get involved in this important ministry.

Upcoming Family Promise Weeks

March 3-10 | Sign up

June 2-9 | Sign up

September 8-15 | Sign up

December 8-15 | Sign up

Current Roles

Dinner Drop-Off 5:30 PM: Being one of our cook volunteers requires no training. All you have to do is prepare a meal for the families we are hosting. You will be provided details about guest numbers, special food needs, and allergies.

Eating dinner and fellowship activities from 5:30-8:30 PM: Come to share dinner with our guests, being a friendly and not-too-nosy dinner companion. The idea is to be helpful, assisting with kids at the meal, and then helping to entertain any energetic kids after dinner in Auditorium B. There are many games in bins near a table there, or you can ask parents to join you outside with the kids if the weather is warm. Please sign up for Family Promise training to help with this role.

Overnight Host 8:30 PM to 7 AM or when the last guest leaves: You'll arrive with a pillow and perhaps a sleeping bag to put on top of one of the host cots that are in a private room in the Vine Kids' hall. You can visit with the families if you wish, but they will probably be settling down to get in bed by 9 or 10 since they all get up early. Generally they are required to be out of the churches by 7 AM. Please sign up for Family Promise training to help with this role.