“Prepare for the Journey to Flourish in God’s Grace”
This year, we are going to work hard to Prepare you in how to read, understand, and apply the Word of God.

We will be using a simple Bible study tool called COMMA as we each pause to Prepare. COMMA is a simple tool we will equip you to use:  

C . . . ontext 

O . . . bservation

M . . . eaning 

M . . . otive 

A . . . application  


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Values & Goals
We flourish in God’s grace and bear fruit as we fully engage in the 3 Loves Mission:

Loving God, Loving Each Other, and Loving the Community.  

1. We desire to worship in Spirit and Truth

2. We desire to be humble and teachable

3. We desire to be warm and caring

4. We desire to grow in Christ and share Him    with others  


5-year Church-wide Goals:  

1. We want all the people that God gives us to flourish in His grace as we train all of our Adult and Next Gen communities in the Gospel.  

2. All of our Adult and Next Gen communities are growing or flourishing in their Journey to Flourish.  

3. God has called us to care for the orphan so in partnership with Pest Relief International we will support the build out of a new boys home.  

4. We will pay down our mortgage while keeping our Missional spend at >20%.  

5. The Vine will partner with other local churches to grow in diversity through Worship and Service events aimed to reach the diverse families that are located around our church.

 Staff Changes

· Rod Pettus, member and Elder at The Vine, is taking a part-time role to lead our Groups ministries and to be our lead coach for Training. We are thrilled to have Rod help focus our Groups and the church to be trained in how to apply the Gospel to our lives. Additionally, Rod taking over Groups allows Pastor Tim Barton to focus even more of his time on the Care and Encouragement of Vine families.  

· Ioli Airy is stepping into a new role as our Lead Coach for Recruiting and we are expanding her role as Team Leader of the Hospitality team. She will continue to support our pastors and our care processes while also helping to encourage and train others to place people in meaningful ministry roles that match their spiritual gifts.  

· Jordan Crossland’s role as Director of Communications will also change this year as he will spend more time planning and strategizing how The Vine should make our presence better known to the community. This includes but is not limited to enhancing our online presence.