We believe God has called us to train and equip the next generation to Flourish in His Grace as they learn to love Him and love their neighbor as themselves. Our heart is that they would find their identity and hope in God’s love for them and consider walking with Jesus greater than anything this world has to offer.  

Our mission in the Kids Vineyard is to provide a safe and welcoming environment, to come alongside parents by demonstrating God’s love, and to teach God’s love through interaction with biblical truths. We want each child to have a firm foundation in biblical Truth. We desire each child to come to know the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In the left menu, you will find links to materials to help you engage your children in an ongoing study through God's Word. We are currently using The Gospel Project for Kids, a curriculum designed to take our children on a 3-year, chronological journey through the Bible. From Genesis to Revelation we are pointing to the Cross and revealing God’s story of redemption through Christ.  

Please reach out to Tim Barton (Pastor of Family Ministries) @ tbarton@thevinecc.com or Jamie O'Neal (Children's Team Leader) @ joneal@thevinecc.com if you have any questions.


Parent Information: If you want more information about Infant Baptism, download file below.

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