The Discover and Connect (DAC) team is a ministry serving in two areas: connecting guests to the Vine and connecting believers to ministries. We do this through the discovery of what The Vine church is about and through self-discovery. There are two distinct groups of volunteers to help do this.


Provide concierge service to Vine guests on Sunday Mornings. These volunteers help guests with any immediate needs as they walk through our doors the first time and continue to serve them until they plug into a group or ministry. Connectors will escort guests so they feel welcome and comfortable; introduce them to church leaders; help them fill out connect cards; give them guest packets; invite them to upcoming events and attend the event with them, and follow up with them. If need be, the connector may be in a one-on-one relationship with a guest until they find their place at The Vine. Connectors also assist the Pastor as he speaks to parting guests following Sunday Services.


Help all Vine believers serve in the ministry for which they were specifically made by God. This team will be the repository for ministry needs at the Vine. Discoverers will help existing members and new members connect to ministries using AssessMe results. These volunteers also assist our Pastors in Next Steps classes that are typically four/five-hour training sessions held on weekends throughout the year. In this role, the volunteer serves as a table leader and facilitator during class.


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