Passage: Genesis 41:37-42:38

Summary: God is telling one story throughout the Bible. God's redemption of sinners and the world through Christ. From Genesis 12 on, we see God chose a single-family by which to bless all nations, the family of Abraham. God's promise to bless Abraham's family to be a blessing to the nations has present realities as well as the culminating reality of Christ bringing salvation to the world. There may be no clearer picture in Genesis of what God is up to than the life of Joseph. He rises from the pit to the right hand of the throne to save the world. By grace, he chooses to save those who have sinned against him, not treating them as their sins deserve. Are we talking about Joseph or Jesus? Yes! Genesis is God's plan revealed, His story of redemption through Christ.
1. How does Joseph's rise to power in Egypt point to the life of Christ?
2. How does Joseph repay his brothers for the wrong they did to him? What is their response?
3. What does it mean to "fear" God? Why should His grace lead us here?

God can use even evil human deeds to accomplish his plan of salvation 

What did Joseph endure at the hands of his brothers?
In storms and suffering, how do we know that God is present?
What does Romans 8:28 mean for us? 



Summary: Jacob has a dream about a ladder and God gives him the promise to be with him wherever he goes. We will trace this promise from Jacob to the Israelites to Jesus. 
Verses: Genesis 28:10-22
What were the promises given to Jacob?
How can we not believe these promises today?
Why did God give Jacob these promises/blessings? 



Topic: Genesis 25-26
Summary: We are going to talk about how God chooses the least and uses human deception in his plan of redemption through the story of Jacob and Esau.
What did Esau give to Jacob and why?
What was the blessing that Jacob receives from Isaac?
How can we bless others? 


Topic: Genesis 17 (Abrahamic Covenant)
Summary: God has made a way for him to be our God and Father and give us a glorious inheritance. The sign to remember this in the Abrahamic covenant was circumcision but the sign in the new covenant in Christ is baptism. Baptism is a sign to us and others that we have declared that "You are my God, and I will put my faith in you." 
What are the two signs of the Abrahamic and New Covenant? And why is there a need for a sign? 
How does Romans 4 and Genesis 17 connect? And what does that mean for us?


Our topic tonight shift in Genesis to the Patriarchs and following the people of Israel. We will be looking at the call of Abram tonight from Gen 11-12.
Big Idea:  Will we put faith and steps to God’s promises? 
Why was Abram called away from his land and family?
What did God promise to Abram?
Why did Abram build to alter in the land of the Canaanites?


Topic: God's Covenant with Noah
We are going to look at the end of the flood and the "restart" of mankind with Noah and his family. We will talk about the divine deliverance, starting over or the restating the creation mandate, and the inevitable fall of Noah and his family into sin. 
What is a covenant and what are the traditional elements associated with it?
How does this story of Noah apply to you? 



Did God abandon His covenant? Or is the flood a sign of His commitment to the covenant He has made with man? With the Ark, we see that salvation comes through judgment, and by sparing Noah, God allowed humanity to continue knowing He must suffer the judgment of sin Himself for the redemption of man. God "doubled-down" on His covenant at this moment, committing Christ to suffer in our place.
1. What grieves God? 
2. How is the flood a sign of God's commitment to His covenant with man?
3. How does God extend peace between Himself and man?


Tonight, we are talking about Cain and Abel, the first two children of Adam and Eve. We are going to look at why Abel's offering was accepted and Cain's rejected. We are going to look at the continued sinful fall of man in the line of Cain and then the protected and promised seed of Eve preserved in another son, by the name of Seth. 
What motivated Cain to kill Abel?
Why is the story of Cain and Abel important to us?



Below you will find a summary of what we will be talking about tonight. I have included a couple of questions that you can talk with you students about.  I will also give them a question or two to ask you as well.


Series: Genesis - Who are these people?


Scripture: Genesis 2:15-3:21; ref. Romans 5: 12, 18-21


Content: Our two points tonight are 1. Satan is sneaky and that affects everything and 2. God is faithful so His promise matters.


Questions for you to ask:


What lie do we all want to hear? 


How did God's promise restore hope?


Why does all of this matter for you?



Here is a short brief on the content from Wednesday, August 19 and a couple of questions you can talk with your students about. A reminder, that I am also going to give questions to the students to ask you so let them have a chance to do that first before you ask your questions. 
Series: Genesis: Who are these people?
Scripture: Genesis 1-2
Content: Our three points tonight are God Exists, God Creates, and God has made a Covenant before time. We will talk about proofs for God's existence, the process and how's of creation, and the people, promises, and requirements of the Covenant of Grace. 
Questions for you to ask:
What makes starting with Genesis 1 so important for the rest of the Bible?
Who was involved in the Covenant of Grace and when was it made?