We are talking further about counting the cost to follow Christ and looking specifically at money and possessions. We are going to look at Matthew 6 when Jesus teaches that, "where your treasure is, there your heart will be." We are going to discuss what it looks like to have our affections set on our earthly treasure and what it looks like to set our hearts on eternal treasures. Because in following Jesus we cannot serve God and money. 
What are the earthly treasures you hold tightest?
What earthly treasure are you hoping one day to attain?
How do we lay up treasure in heaven?
What was so beautiful about the Widows offering in Mark 12?


Jesus tells people a few times to count the cost before they decide to follow him. We are going to look at Luke 14 and ask the question, "What is the cost?" and "Have we counted it?" We will be looking at the things in our lives that often take first place and do not allow us to renounce all and follow Christ. This continues with our series on, "Do you love Jesus?" 
What are the things that are typically in first place in our hearts that do not allow you to become Jesus' disciple?
What is the cost associated with following Jesus?
What are the two examples of counting the cost that Jesus gives us? 


Tonight, we are addressing suffering and eternity related to Jesus and his conversation with Peter on the beach in John 21. We will be looking at John 21 and 1 Peter 4 along with a couple of other passages. Our question will be, "Are you willing to suffer for Christ?" We will look at how Peter was confronted with this question and how we today are confronted with the same question. 
What does suffering for Christ look like?
Do we have to suffer?
How did Christ suffer?
What changed for Peter from John 18 to 1 Peter 4?